Mat Pilates


All of our instructors are comprehensive Pilates instructors and some are Physiotherapists, this means they are fully qualified in rehabilitation. We also have a network of therapists we work with who are experts in their field.

The Pilates equipment is extremely beneficial to a client who is new to Pilates or who hasn’t exercised before. The resistance springs are there to support the body during poses and beginner classes go through the repertoire very slowly, so you are not thrown in at the deep end! Book an introductory session and we can ease you back into exercise.
Yes, absolutely! We have a number of classes we can direct you to with content specifically focussed on clients with back, neck, shoulder and osteoporosis. These classes avoid any flexion exercises (lifting head and shoulders off the ground). We would recommend an introductory session first to discuss your individual needs and we can then look for a class that fits your needs.
Yes, we can adapt and give modifications buy using blocks and props to avoid weight bearing.
How far you stretch is up to you as you are in control of the machine, not the machine in control of you. Over a period of classes your hamstrings will stretch and your flexibility will improve, this is a major part of what we love in the studio, changing bodies for the better.
Absolutely, book in for a 1:1 and we can show you how you can get back into exercise and help make you feel comfortable so that you can transition at a later date into a class. Our studio is all about inclusivity!
We teach chest lifting by first looking at the abdominals, breath and rocking of the ribs, followed by the head feeling heavy in the hands to stop neck tension. If this still doesn't work for you, our policy is to make minor adaptations as nobody should feel pain within a class.
All of our instructors are comprehensive Pilates instructors, this means they are qualified in rehabilitation. We work together with a trusted team of Osteopaths and Physiotherapists to achieve the best outcomes for our post-operative clients.
We can offer you a staggered approach to coming into the studio, first session five minutes and build from there. We can also offer a meeting outside of the studio at a place you feel comfortable in, just for a coffee, walk, whatever! Our founder Kate suffered from really debilitating panic attacks for years until she found Pilates and is a perfect person to help get you back to health.