Owner / Polestar Pilates Instructor

Kate has over twelve years experience as a teacher. As a fully accredited Polestar Pilates instructor, Kate is continually attending courses and developing her skills as a movement practitioner. She believes Pilates is all about the small changes you can make within your body to find balance and space within, which is especially important in our ever changing environment and day to day living. Are you ready to fine tune your body?

Polestar Pilates Instructor

Melinda is also a fully accredited Polestar Pilates instructor. Awareness of posture is key, if you are well aligned, your sense of well being improves along with your increased movement. Movement facilitates breath and breath facilitates movement as Joe Pilates used to say!

Polestar Pilates Instructor

Joanna is our newest recruit and the niece of Kate. Joanna teaches our Monday night reformer classes and also 1:1s. The studio is her happy place, when not teaching you can often find her hanging out on a reformer doing long spine, because it feels divine!

Polestar Pilates Instructor

Niki finished her Polestar course over two years ago and has been teaching small group sessions at the studio. Niki is always on the go and a keen runner and cyclist. When not breaking out a sweat, Niki loves nothing more than having a long stretch out of those tired muscles.

Personal Trainer / Physiotherapist

Tory is our Personal Trainer and also a final year Physiotherapist. She brings a wealth of functional training knowledge to the studio and runs our hugely popular suspension training classes. Tory is also our resident sports massage therapist, making our clients injury free is what Tory does best!